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Join the Ornithopter Society

Whether you are a student, a hobbyist, academic researcher, or working with ornithopters commercially, you can join the Ornithopter Society to advance your ornithopter knowledge, share ideas with others, and get your work published in our Flapping Wings newsletter.

As a member of the Ornithopter Society, you will be helping to support special programs including our international competitions and a micro-grant program for ornithopter research. The Ornithopter Society, started by Patrick Deshaye in 1984, works to provide the public with accurate information about the history of ornithopters, provide resources for educators, and provide a network for our members to share information and ideas.

To join the Ornithopter Society, please select your appropriate membership category below. Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring the beauty and enjoyment of flapping wings to the world!

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