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Ornithopter Video Clips
Some videos may require some time to download before they start.

Some Ornithopter Projects

  Onboard Video - Live video from an RC ornithopter in flight! 15.2MB MPG ))
     3.5 gram Hovering Ornithopter - So small you can barely see it! MAV (micro air vehicle) ornithopter designed by Nathan Chronister. 6.3MB MPG ))
     Freebird RC  - This patented design was the first ornithopter to use differential timing of the left and right wings for steering. It was also the first ornithopter controlled entirely by the wings instead of the tail. 5.0MB MPG ))
     Wright Memorial - Flying an RC ornithopter at the Wright Brothers memorial. 6.7MB MOV ))

More Ornithopter Videos

     Dragonfly - Pete Valentine combined two Cybirds to build this model. 6.4MB MPEG ))
  Yusuke Takahashi - Luna kit converted for infrared remote control. 7.2MB WMV ))
  Park Hawk and Piaf - Two RC ornithopters flying indoors. The Park Hawk has conventional membrane wings whereas Piaf has actively torsioned foam wings. 1.4MB MPEG ))
  Albert Kempf's "Flappy" - Realistically styled ornithopter using a similar mechanism to Piaf above. 17.7MB MPEG ))

From the Ornithopter Video Archives

  Erich von Holst - Includes two ornithopters from the 1940s, plus slow-motion footage of bird and insect flight and Holst's "thrust-wing" rotary-driven model. 8.6 MB WMV )) From the film, Wings Over the World.
     PH Spencer's Seagulls - These engine-powered ornithopters flown c.1958 used the aeroelastic membrane wing design still used in most ornithopters. This clip shows close-ups of the mechanism and some flight scenes. 790KB AVI
  PH Spencer's Orniplane - The first known radio-controlled ornithopter. It was flown in 1961. 640KB AVI

NEAT LINK: Eagle Cam on Animal Planet
Mini TV cameras on a real eagle in flight!

Materials are used with permission and may be protected by copyright.