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Ptera  Aerodynamic analysis of flapping wing flight

Ptera Software, developed by Cameron Urban, is a fast, easy-to-use, and open-source package for analyzing flapping-wing flight.

Ornithopter Crank Designer

Ornithopter Crank Designer calculates the dimensions for ornithopter crank mechanisms. Provided with desired parameters such as the range of flapping motion, it will find the optimal dimensions for symmetrical flapping. Ornithopter Crank Designer is an Excel spreadsheet developed by Joshua Adcock of OrnithopterX.

Excel File -- Instructions

FlapDesign  Build your own ornithopter mechanisms

FlapDesign is a free software app that makes it much easier to build your own ornithopters! FlapDesign was developed by Nathan Chronister and converted from Java using CheerpJ software from Leaning Technologies.

FlapDesign helps you design ornithopter mechanisms. You type in the basic dimensions of the mechanism, and it shows you the resulting wing motion in the form of an animation or graph. Simply adjust the dimensions until you have the desired range of wing motion. FlapDesign helps you spot trouble such as asymmetric flapping or potential locking of the mechanism. Start off by clicking on the three example mechanisms to see how they work. How to use FlapDesign