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Please Support the Ornithopter Society

The Ornithopter Society, started by Patrick Deshaye in 1984, works to provide the public with accurate information about the history of ornithopters and provides resources for educators. For professionals, students, or hobbyists working on ornithopter projects, the Ornithopter Society offers resources to advance your ornithopter knowledge.

For a limited time, donors will be able to download a free special gift! The Ornithopter Design Manual is the ultimate guide to learn how to design and build your own ornithopters. You will receive a link to download the PDF after completing your donation. If you donate $75 you will also be able to download our newsletter back issues from 1984 to 2002. This gives you access to hundreds of pages of ornithopter history, plans, and articles available nowhere else!

Your donation pays for web site maintenance, new content development, and our international competitions.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.

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