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Bird Flight Resources for Teachers

Students at Neil Armstrong Elementary
prepare to fly ornithopters.

Flapping-wing flight is an exciting way to get kids interested in science. By studying bird flight, students will explore many important areas of the science curriculum.

Flapping wing models are a versatile teaching tool that will get your students excited about learning. Building an "ornithopter" or flapping wing flyer from plans or from kit instructions is a unique language lesson that teaches students to read for information and understanding. They'll also learn math, science, and technology skills through hands-on experience. Students will want to carry out their own inquiry-based experiments to learn more about flapping wing flight. Students from the elementary grades through college investigate flapping flight at their respective levels.

Students in middle and high school can build their own ornithopters using a beginner-level model kit, which has been specially designed for ease of construction. You will find education discounts on these kits available at BirdKit.com.

Check out the free Teachers Guide for some lesson ideas and experiments kids can do. Language arts teachers often use Rodman Philbrick's book Freak the Mighty in their instruction. The title character in this story builds an ornithopter, and some teachers offer this as a project option for their students. It helps engage those students who may learn better with a hands-on approach. The book also deals with friendship, loss, accepting others' differences.

Teachers Guide in Adobe PDF format

The Teachers Guide now includes suggested rules for a student ornithopter contest! Students can use kits or their own designs and compete for the longest timed flight in your school gym or outdoors. It's a great way to motivate learning!

Here is another great resource! This article by Hermann Samano is about building a birdhouse, but also much more, as you will learn about what to plant in your back yard to attract birds and tips for young bird watchers to help them get started.

Build Your Own Birdhouse for Your Backyard Birding Hobby by Hermann Samano